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Brad and Shelby had always run around in the same friend group for many years. But they never knew each other until august of 2009, when they first met at a street racing event and just started talking to each other. By the time October 2009 came around Brad got the courage to finally ask Shelby to see the movie 2012 with him. After the first date they continued to see each other for a few months until January of 2010 Brad finally popped the question.. "Will you be my girlfriend"? They dated 3 years and then in October Brad present Shelby with an even bigger question... "Will you marry me"? Now we are planning our dream wedding and waiting a year and a half to get married. We have been together for 3 years so what’s another year of waiting? This is the happiest they have ever been and they are truly soul mates and best friends a perfect match!