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Rachel Moore and Rhett Powell
Guerin Morissette and Alex Cornwall
Angelina Adrian and Demetry Morse
Raquel Andrews and Ariyuris MedinaRaquel Andrews and Ariyuris MedinaFitchburg, MA
Caitlin Diaz and Raymond Maldonado
Kandi Sims and Kelly Morgan
Whitley Mitchell and Whitley Mitchell
Fabiola Rodriguez and Ronald Macias JrLa Habra, California
Katelyn Parmenter and Corey Moser
Rachel Kindell and Deon Murray
Keri Perkins and Jean Mayer
Priscilla Macia and Juan Ayala
Victoria McCuen and Steven Stanaland
Kaitlyn Barkley and William Miller
Chanli Mundy and Kyle DuVallIndianapolis, Indiana
Joshua Hafer and Krista Mamet
Alexandria Ham and Jalen Maxey
Tara Gamble and Nich Maloney
Lauren LoBianco and Timothy Musser
Madelin Ruiz and George McLean
Gina Matturri and Matt FreemanGina Matturri and Matt FreemanRobbinsville, NJ
Ben Alpert and Stephanie Marshall
Kaitlyn Barkley and William Miller
Jhoana Martinez and Pablo LeonLoja, none
Sharline Hilairie and Angus Morse
Rose Casterina Moake and Matthew Moake
Dajsha McDonald and Antonio Greene
Lia Pettit and Andrew Moorhead
Bryan Motichek and Tami King
Alisha Loring and Rachael McHugh
Alexandra Hanson and Brian Mohs
Robert Moore and Teagan Bailey
Melissa Janssen and Steven Molinaro
Marismar Torres and Arhel Morales
Virginia Micklow and Adam GrayVirginia Micklow and Adam GrayMulga, AL
Dianne Coffin and Michael MorganWilmington, DE
Kylie Hunt and Nathan MillerPENSACOLA, FL
Stacie Davis and Brad Meek
Claire Masker and Michael King
Espie Hernandez and Lance Mowdy
Ashley Thurston and Glenn ManevalAshley Thurston and Glenn ManevalMontgomery, PA
Brendaly Morales and Christian Burgos
Kristen Gilbert and John MelchiorKristen Gilbert and John MelchiorWilmington, North Carolina
Alyssa Chamberlin and Tyler Mcglaughlin
Marie Rivera and Robert MearsMarie Rivera and Robert Mears
jordan hunt and Justin Martin
Lindsey Maragoni and Joseph Wolinsky
Jackie Martinez and Nick DeGennaroJackie Martinez and Nick DeGennaroBrambleton, VA
Julie Murray and Rob D'AgostinoOakdale, NY
Annmarie Martin and Gabriel Bixby

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