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Donato Fastiggi and Jaclyn Pastenkos
Marianne McGraw and Kenneth Foster
Clayton George and Kimberly FairchildOrlando, Florida
Henry Foraker and Kaylea Kudlaty
Jackie Ford and Jonathan Schubin
Madison Knipe and Dylan Forthman
Amanda Franz and John TacconiDAVIE, Florida
Kevin Fogle and Tiffany JohnsonKevin Fogle and Tiffany JohnsonFort Myers, FL
Olivia Franke and Matthew O'Brien
Amber Freysteinson and Ben Peskett
Justin Battles and Sarah fryChattanooga, TN
Caitlin Fox and Joshua Findlay
McKenna Fisher and Samuel FisherCoppell, none
Daniel Ladwig and Kristi FlennikenBullhead City, AZ
Shelby Frazier and Wesley Robb-McGrath
Laura Doghramadjian and Joe Ferraro
Gina Matturri and Matt FreemanGina Matturri and Matt FreemanRobbinsville, NJ
Danielle Sangster and Eric Fetherston
Sierra Ford and Antario Simon
Alice Walsh and Ahmed Foco
Breanna Tatel and Troy Fitting
Tiffany Flanick and Riley Castillo
Shauntel Foulks and Brandon Houpe
Amber Taylor and Shannon Ford
Jennifer Fox and Daniel Sargent
Shannon Pech and Kyle FoxShannon Pech and Kyle Fox
lorenzo fernandez and anabel garcia
Emily Van Driel and Zach Fairchild
kristina case and Christopher Flint
Emily Dutton and RJ Fleming
Shannon Fitzpatrick and Stephen Pino
Benjamin Deutsch and Kristal Figard
Aryn Feickert and Garrett McMullinAryn Feickert and Garrett McMullinSt George, UT
Renato Resende Amui and Beatriz Fonseca Felice Brasil
Jjais Forde and Wendell Raymond
marlana turner and james finnegan iv
Caitlin Gurke and Jeremy Foy
yember fajardo and leah parry
Nikki Sherman and Andrew Farnsworthgraham, wa
Flora Ranieri and Robert Freking
Gabrielle Brody and Willem Flohr
Miranda Foushee and Eddie Kruger
Kristina Wyse and Robert Free
Sarah Frazita and Anthony Porpiglia Jr.
Keith Buckingham and Jose FasendaKeith Buckingham and Jose FasendaN Miami Beach, Florida
Hailey Figas and Michael Nieset
Tandall Tidwell and Mckenzie Fallon
Jason Fournier and Olga Kudinova
Kelsey Clark and Aaron Fields
Sascha Friedsam and Patrick Fox

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